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Official Amps Good Deal/Bad Deal Sticky!

Ara Ajizian

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I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to good deals/bad deals on these forums. A vast majority of the deals made using these forums go down with no problems at all. Occasionally we do get a bad one though. Please, if you have a beef with someone, don't post their personal information on these forums without their consent! All that's necessary is "I had a good deal/bad deal with (insert username)."


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Would it be better to just sticky the existing thread from the amp forum? THere is a link in my sig. Or I guess we could just copy and paste from that thread.

Here's mine(all good)...

Those I remember...

DeathMonkey- bought my 10 watt Wolverine
Mark Williams (TGP)- bought my 50 watt Wolverine
ams2k- bought my Carvin DC135 and Soldano Avenger
Josh Savoy- bought my 18 watt Witchdoctor
negative theory- bought my Fireball
mctallica1- bought my Vh140c?
guitarted- bought something of mine
drucifer- bought something of mine
aortizjr- bought my black stripe Mark III
diezeldude- bought my blue stripe Mark III
EdgeOfDarkness- bought my blue stripe, rackmount Mark III
disassembled (Boogie Board)- bought my Subway Rocket
richedie (MTS Forum)- bought my Randall Ultra XL module
jharpersj (MTS Forum)- bought my Randall Deluxe module
jmorgan_2008- bought my Engl e530
ak37 (MTS forum)- bought my Randall Plexi module
tattoedsailor- bought my Crunch Box

gybe!- bought his Makoplex
danhops- bought his blue stripe Mark III
daver101- bought his blue stripe Mark III
Anvil ?- bought his black stripe Mark III
greazygeo- bought his RGA121
crimson on pink- bought his Vht 4x12
dropthisd- bought his Laney/Voodoo Witchdoctor
dropped2c- bought his Engl 530
murch33- bought his vh140c

Good Trades

There are tons more that I can't remember. Someone bought my RM100M (that I bought from someone here), someone bought my RM4, my other Avenger, my ESP SC sig, my first RGA121, my mesa 20/20 and lots more. If we've made a deal, let me know.

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This is an excellent idea,,I don't pull punches when it comes to telling it how it is,,,if you get screwed by somebody you should be able to tell the whole story so the cocksucker can't sting somebody else...

And it goes without saying that great people should be praised openly as they're hard enough to come by today... end of story!

Unlike the assholes at The gear page who won't allow any truth to be told,so the same lil pricks can rip people off relentlessly while the victims have no recourse...good for harmony central for enforcing free speech...

I've been banned from TGP for saying that just because a seller claims to be selling items from a church band and he's affiliated with a church,,doesn't guarantee he's honest,,on the contrary I've found most people that use a church to hide behind as being wolves and liars not to be trusted....so fuk em! truth be told!!

VangKng here traded me an amp that was stated as having all 13 tubes replaced with new JJ's so taking that into consideration in the trade I did it,coming out on the short end of the deal for my 1978 Jap Les Paul ...

We all know how much a complete JJ tube change is worth...end of story it comes loaded with old {censored}ty chinese tubes...I got burned..

I just sent off $715 for a Laney VH100R to cosisdead,,,even paid for the paypal fees as he was nice enough top cover shipping...he's awesome and is shipping it tommorow....great guy great transaction!

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wlfgnplyr is local to me- i saw an add for his MF280B cab on craigslist that said it was loaded with 4 V30mf speakers,and offered him my jackson DK2M for it.
we ended up trading- i got the cab home,opened it up, and it's loaded with 4 celestion "CRATE V12L" speakers

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I'll try to keep this updated... I've done a lot of positive deals here. But I've never kept a list of the people. Here are a handful I remember... If you've delt with me and I forgot to list you, remind me and I'll add you.

Good people:
Killing Nevada

Bad person:

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I've got my list in my sig of people I've done good deals with over the last few years, figured I would add it here too. All excellent transactions, all very good people to deal with.


DerekB(Rock Solid Amps)
joshsage(Rebel Amps)

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