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PEAVEY Valveking 50 Watt 112 FS/FT


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pretty good condition

I would also like to trade it for a smaller, higher end amp, or a larger solidstate

Or, for a guitar, like a schecter, im specially interested in the Schecter C1 FR, but anything with a floyd and high output pickups is cool, or maybe some cool pedals, just throw me offers

i dont have the manual, but you can find it online

i also made a footswitch for it with radioshack stuff, but it works fine, and the cable is really long.

I has the power cord, which i got with the amp, it has the reverb unit, and i changed the 6L6s with brand new Ruby tubes about 3 months ago.

ill post pics by monday, whoever buys this, wont be dissapointed!:thu:




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considering ALL offers
offer me pedals, pedals + money, amps, amps + money, guitars of equal, or less value + money, bass stuff
considering all
interested in boss twin pedals, true bypass tuners, tube overdrives, noise suppressors, amps such as crate V50, etc etc, guitars like schecter c1 FR (im GASing extremely for one of these), esp explorers/V's/les pauls/superstrats,
oh and also looking for EMGs, active sets such as H/H or SSH configutarions, 81/85/91/60 etc
ill consider just about anything

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