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FS: Custom Made Top Hat Emplexador MKII 100 Watt Version...


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This really pains me to do but something unexpected has come up and I need the cash. This is an extremely rare Top Hat Emplexador MKII 100 watt version that I had Brian from Top Hat build for me. Killer, killer, killer amp. The definitive Marshall tone machine taking you through the gamut of Marshall tones. The "Classic" mode is like the sweetest 68' Plexi you ever heard. Flip on the "Fat" switch and you're in JTM45/100 territory and nailing AC/DC Back n Black tones. The "Overdrive" side is like the perfect combination of hot-rodded Plexi and JCM800 but with tons more gain on tap. Easily does 80's metal and with a flick of the "fat" switch you have plenty of bottom end to pull off Metallica "Garage Days" type riffs. Engage the "boost" switch and the amp becomes more saturated with accentuated mid and high frequencies. The one thing the amp won't do is the more modern, scooped Dual Rectifier stuff.


I also went with a different tolex and color scheme as I'm not really into the two-tone thing that they have going on with their stock heads. This amp is like new and spotless. Really, this amp is flawless. All of Brian's amps are built with the absolute highest quality components and true PTP wiring. It also has THE best master volume of any amp I have ever tried, by a long shot. Not even close. Seriously, it's scary how well it works. Not much more to say really. Awesome amp. $1,999 shipped and paypaled. If you've been wanting to check out an Emplexador, this is the amp to grab.





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