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Custom Ordered Marshall DSL-100 w/ Upgrades.


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Marshall DSL-100 custom ordered from the Marshall factory with the Silver Jubilee tolex and mirrored panels on the chassis. I don't believe the 25th Anniversary "Silver Series" with the checkered front cloth panels were even out yet. This amp has also been modded with a Mercury Magnetics output transformer specifically designed for the DSL. The DSL's are already great sounding amps but the MM tranny upgrade is a huge improvement, particularly when you start turning the amp up. Take a look at the pic. The MM tranny is almost twice as big as the stock one. :lol: :LOL: The amp also comes with a high quality MacGregor flight case. This is a perfect workhorse/gigging amp and looks super cool as well. Mercury Magnetics also has a specially designed power transformer and choke for the DSL if you're so inclined. But honestly, I can't imagine the amp sounding much better. Asking $1,199 shipped and paypaled (maybe a trade?). That is a great deal considering the MM tranny ($310 new), the MacGregor flight case and the custom ordered cosmetics.






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