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FS: Music Man head modded for Joe Perry of Aerosmith


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The eBay auction starts Friday Aug 20 @ 4pm PST / 7PM EST:



If that doesn't work, use item #230513640480.

(ebay will give you some error if you try to check the auction before it goes live)



Text from the ebay listing:


In the late 70's Aerosmith had several Music Man HD-130 amps modded for them by local Boston tech Andy Topeka. They were used by both Brad Whitford and Joe Perry, and Perry continued to use them when he left Aerosmith in 1979 to form the Joe Perry Project.


Perry can be seen posing with one of these amps in one of the attached pictures, and both guitarists can be seen playing through them in this youtube video:




These amps are distinguishable by their 7-segment LED signal level meter.

At 1:20-1:45 & 3:19-3:30, you can see 4 of them behind Tom Hamilton (on the left of the screen, stage right of what looks like modded Ampegs)

At 2:30-2:34, you can see at least 2 stage left behind Steven Tyler & Joe Perry.

Later at 4:17-4:25 and 4:58 through the end, you can see at least 6 stage left.


This particular amp was owned/used by Perry and was used as his "Air Bag" or talk box amp.


The amp features:

Onboard Tremolo

Onboard Reverb

Footswitch to enable/disable tremolo & reverb

Ground lift switch

Standby switch

Impedance switch (4 - 8 ohms)

2 speaker outputs on 3-pin XLR, with a switch to toggle between parallel and serial wiring

Line output on XLR

Microphone input and thru on XLR

3-band eq w/ fully parametric mid band.


Also included is the pictured Future Case flight case.


At your request, we'll also include a custom XLR-1/4" speaker cable.



The amp has been getting only light use these days, living in a semi-private Boston-area studio for the last several years. It still works great, sounds amazing, and is still crazy L.O.U.D.



Any of the speaker cabinets you can see in the background of the pictures ARE NOT included - this auction is only for the head.


Shipping only to the US on this auction, via UPS Ground, 3-Day, or 2-Day. We can do Next Day as well, but you'll have to request a custom quote.


The "Handling Charges" are for shipping insurance. It WILL be shipped with insurance.


All sales are final. No returns unless the item arrives broken.


Correction: HD-130, not 135.


-Dan Costello.

Minister of Truth, Mercenary Audio

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