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FJA 5150 Signature $875 Delivered $825 Local Pick Up


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This is one of my favorite amps. It is in great shape.


This amp has better cleans than stock. It was manufactured in 2003 in the USA. It has SEDs in now, but they have some hours on them. The preamp tubes are new. It has the clarity mod, mid sweep/contour mod and bias mod. You can check Jerry's site, www.fjamods.com for some of the details on these mods.


As for sound, the clarity mod plus really makes the 5150 have better single note definition. The bias mod allows the amp to run hotter, which warms it up. It basically turns the 5150 into what it was meant to be. It retains everything that you love about the 5150; the aggression, the raw fury, and makes it really come to life. The mid sweep/contour is awesome. It gives you so much versatility with your tone. It let's you dial in the range that the mids are, either higher mids or lower mids.


The only cosmetic issue is that there are a few little chips on the top vent. The corners, tolex and everything else look great. My price would be $875 including shipping. $825 for local pickup. I live north of Columbus, Ohio and would be willing to meet within reason.




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I would consider trades, partial trades or adding cash for the right deal. I am looking for 7 string guitars, unique guitars and standard guitar cabs with v30's or similar. Guitars need to be in great playing condition, but I do not need museum collector guitars. Any MusicMan or Petrucci will get my attention. If you have something like that that has some wear on it and no one else here wants it because it is not perfect, then contact me. Same with guitar cabs. If it is not perfect, but a great cab, then I may be your man.

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