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AIMS vintage 100 watt tube amp. Mint!

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I have an AIMS "Personalized" Vocal Sound System amp head up for sale. It was manufactured in Arizona in the 70's. Obviously from the name, this was originally designed as a vocal amp, hence the four individual channels. However, I have been using it for both guitar and bass and it completely KILLS! I A/B'ed this amp next to an early 70's Ampeg V-4B head, through the same speaker setup. I honestly couldn't tell a difference. Guitarists: This AIMS amp really nails that early 70's Rolling Stones sound. Crank it up and you're into overdriven classic rock glory. Take it down a few notches and you have your Fender-esque cleans. For bassists who like a slightly overdriven, growling tone, this is the amp you need. It sounds so good I can't do it justice here. This amp has a master volume, which is a nice touch. The spring reverb works perfectly and sounds fantastic. Each channel has controls for volume, treble, bass, and reverb, as well as two 1/4" inputs. Recently serviced and retubed with Svetlana 6550's. Inside and out, this amp is near mint. It even comes with a fitted hard case to protect it during transport.


PRICE UPDATE: I'm looking for $350 plus shipping for the amp with the case. If you want a loud, vintage tube amp that is ready to be played for years and years to come but you don't want to break the bank, this is exactly what you've been looking for. It's super cool and I would never sell it, but I am primarily playing bass right now and I can't justify keeping this amp, my V-4B AND my SVT.


Here is the EXACT same model of amp on Ebay, right now, for $650, in worse shape and with no case:

AIMS on Ebay.


As far as trades go, I am looking for the following items:

Full trades

-70's Rickenbacker 4001 and 4003 bass copies

-Epiphone Rivoli bass

-Early 80's era Japanese Squier Precision or Jazz bass


Partial trades

-Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer (plus $150)

-Electro Harmonix Graphic Fuzz (plus $200)


PM me or reply in this thread if interested. Thanks!

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Weekend bump. Perfect amp for those who play both guitar and bass, and would like to have a simple, reasonably priced, no frills amp that excels for both.


Or just use it as a P.A. It's the amp that does it all, haha.

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6550's. Svetlanas at that. The best modern option.


The previous owner had it retubed and serviced. I've put maybe five hours on the amp since buying it. Not because it is anything less than a great amp. It rules. I just have too many amps around and this is the only one I can justify selling right now.

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To the top.


If this doesn't get claimed soon, I may have to resort to Ebay, which I've been avoiding like the plague. If it goes on Ebay, the price will go up. Don't miss out. Again, I'll consider trades for vintage Rickenbacker bass copies (Electra, etc.), Ampeg combos (VT-22, VT-40, etc.), an Epiphone Rivoli bass, a Silvertone 1484, etc. Let me know what you've got.

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