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Anyone selling any 2x12 cabs?


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I have a Brand new Custom made "Bennett" 212 built like a small box Fender bassman 212 from 1965

solid 1964 ponderosa pine box with dovetail joints, original Fender style baffles and back plate, hand laid tolex and grill cloth, all hardware is original Fender styled but no tiltback legs ( unless you want then) or barrel knobs on top ( again unless you want them slight extra cost)

loaded with Jensens C12Ns for 375.00.
can be loaded with whatever you want, but price will change.

and if you want it.
you can have your choice of tolex colors right now.

(I tend to build boxes and then leave them unfinished until someone actually wants it. that way they can have their choices.)

and if your interested in something looks more like another cab manufacturer just let me know. I may already have one built.
there is no cab design that I can't build.

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