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wtt: GEAR (lots inside)

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not to get too long winded here with the story, but i've gone through a divorce and basically had to sell almost all my gear. well now that i'm able to get back into playing I'm looking to trade my way back to some gear I want. pics available...will post eventually


What I have:

Squier P Bass stripped to bare wood w/ gig bag

Alvarez AF60S Acoustic with tweed hardcase

Ibanez Ergodyne 605 w/ gig bag

SWR WorkingPro400

BBE Sonic Maximizer 2 channel

Digitech Bad Monkey


What I'm looking for:

Ibanez Guitars (6 or 7 string)

6 or 7 string shredders

Flying V guitars

Decent amp/preamp/poweramp for metal

if you see something you like but have something that's not on this list THROW ME AN OFFER!!!!!!!


I don't really plan to sell any of this stuff but if you give me the right offer i may consider.


once again, i'm trying to get back on my game here, so while I'm not looking for you guys to do anything special for me, any deal you could hook me up with would be muchly appreciated.





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