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WTB: EVH 5150 III amp head


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I don't have a 5150, but I do have a Peavey Ranger 212 (120 watts, all tube) for sale. Just thought you might be interested. Shoot me an email for more info. Oh, and just so you know, it's a combo, but I used to use it as a head, works great and looks like a monster on stage on top of a 4x12. :-)

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In Brand new condition, been kept in a White Calzone Live-In Road case since out of the box. Head is in Ivory color and Road case is White. Comes with footswitch, all original paper works, boxes, and plastic is still on the emblem. Amazing head got it brand new from Fender Factory, if you are looking for a professional touring head, this is perfect and ready to go. any question please email me or call me 5083103142. Anyone is welcome to come test it out. Very reasonable price, i got the amp for 2200 with tax, and the road case for $600. i'll be home till the end of June before my band hit the road again.

More specs and reviews can be found here.

For more detail pictures, here you go!

email me with any other question: vanktr@gmail.com

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