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WTB: Anything weird, filtery, synthy, video game-y and fuzzy


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Seppuku Digital Pitch Modulator, Sub-Octave Synthesizer

Ohnoho Utter Stutter, Baby Utter Stutter, possibly Chk Chk Boom

WMD Geiger Counter

Catalinbread Heliotrope

Subdecay Noise Box

Copilot Antenna, Orbit

Mellowtone Wolf Computer (big box only)

Montreal Assembly Wrong Side Of Uranus

Moogerfooger Freqbox, Murf (though I probably won't be able to afford either)

4ms Noise Swash, Atoner, anything really

EHX Ring Thing (maybe)

Digitech Jamman Stereo

Loop-Master 2-Loop Momentary/Stutter Switcher

T1M Mini Flip Flop

Fixed Expression Pedal in smallest enclosure possible

SHO Clone in smallest enclosure possible

Patch cables, prebuilt or diy, with those flat, pancake style jacks

Hardcase that fits a PT-Pro

M-Audio Venom


Also, I currently have an MXR Carbon Copy, an MXR Dyna Comp, and some Xbox 360 games for trade/sale toward anything listed here. thanks!




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I have a 4ms triwave picogenerator for sale. It was modded by Prophesy Sounds to include a nice analog delay for the unit. There is a picture of it on the first page of the new spam thread in effects. I am asking $150 but I am flexible.


BTW, your PM box is full...




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