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picking - in the wrist or arm

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I use the fore arm, wrist and index / thumb methods. When I go into the Mainstream / Di Meola warp speed , I use both wrist, thumb / index finger mode. When I use that method, I tend to pick closer to the bridge because the stings are tighter there.

At times, I also don't rest my hand on the guitar body and have my fingers fanned ( like Randy Rhoads) , so it's easier to palm mute strings, grab a tremolo arm or play with the volume / tone knobs.


Over the years of chipping away at different drumming techniques as well as developing a feel for piano and guitar It became apparent to me that as the tempo of a musical piece or passage increases, the technical/speed requirements of expression and nuance take a steep climb toward the impossible. Playing with 2 plus feet of dead mass behind your pick isn't going to help. Your best chance at playing musically is in fact articulating all the linkage from you brain to your pick/sticks/fingertips.

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I use many different methods depending on the particular music I'm playing. I fingerpick too so I may pinch with fingers and flat pick at the same time too.


One trick you can try that is very liberating is to reverse your normal pick direction and do everything in reverse.

For example take a simple cowboy strum beginning with a down stroke on the beat v v ^ ^ v - v v ^ ^ v then reverse it so it begins with an upstroke on the beat ^- ^ v - v ^ - ^- - ^ v- v ^- its like walking and chewing gum at first. If the song uses all down strokes, try all up strokes instead.

Eventually you can switch in the middle of a song and never miss a beat.


With more complex strums it can be real confusing at first because you'll want to revert back to a down stroke on the beat.

You do this an hour or two a day for a few weeks and I guarantee you'll start doing things you've never dreamed of.


You can do it for leads too.


Its essentially un-training your automated motion and rewriting it so you have dual motion which you can flip at will, equal and opposite.

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