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Fretboard map of the frequencies of each fret

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Once I made an Excel spreadsheet that showed a map of each frequency on the fretboard of a guitar in Standard E tuning. But I lost the file, and don't remember the details of it.


I'd like to ask if anyone has such a map or diagram? I'll try and make another, but before I do I need to make sure it is right.


Does anyone know exactly which fret has the frequency 440Hz? (high A)

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the frequencies are


E3 164.814

F3 174.614

F#3 184.997

G3 195.998

G#3 207.652

A3 220.000

Bb3 233.082

B3 246.942

C4 261.626

C#4 277.183

D4 293.665

Eb4 311.127

E4 329.628

F4 349.228

F#4 369.994

G4 391.995

G#4 415.305

A4 440.000

Bb4 466.164

B4 493.883

C5 523.251

C#5 554.365

D5 587.330

Eb5 622.254

E5 659.255

F5 698.456

F#5 739.989

G5 783.991

G#5 830.609

A5 880.000

Bb5 932.328

B5 987.767

C6 1046.502

C#6 1108.731

D6 1174.659

Eb6 1244.508

E6 1318.510

F6 1396.913

F#6 1479.978

G6 1567.982

G#6 1661.219

A6 1760.000

Bb6 1864.655

B6 1975.533

C7 2093.005

C#7 2217.461

D7 2349.318

Eb7 2489.016

E7 2637.020

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It's alright now, I found the info, and now currently drawing up a new one. I'll post it later.

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A440 is A4 and is the second fret G String


It's actually the fifth fret high-e string.


In standard tuning, the open low-e is 82.4 Hz, and the 24th fret high-e is 1318.5 Hz.

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