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Brent Mason style lick

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The first 3 notes on the B string are E, F, and D#, while the A# on the E string stays put. The first note E is hammered-on up to F. I wrote is as a bend in the Tab, but it's really a hammer-on with the middle and ring finger. I use Guitar Pro 5 for writing this down, and if I use a hammer-on when entering the notes, I can't get it to sound right. The GP5 file sounds correct when played.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. My describing the notation as "off" wasn't very helpful. Sorry about that. The first thing that grabbed me was the C# and A# on the 'and of' beat two in measure one. I've watched the video closely and it doesn't look or sound like that's what you're playing in the video.

Maybe it's because it goes by so fast.

Anyway, great lick, great playing too. I'll keep working with it and ignore the tab, and just use the notation, because that bend did confuse me.

Thanks again!

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