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KLON CENTAUR: Just got it and the Clean Boost funct is great!


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Klon Exists for one purpose, To bring you the Centaur pedal!


The first thing I did with my new KLON was use it to make my big amp sound "bigger! Not only did it achieve this 100% But It made my Guitar sound more responsive and "alive" and dynamic.


But with the Gain set to a minimumand the TREBLE at noon, the pedal offers an entirely TRANSPARENT BOOST!!! WHich drove my Marshall 2203x half stack/ Ubercab wired in 8 ohm config. into distortion, but did NOT itself COLOR or DISTORT my guitar signal.


Unbvelievable! I have tried many a pedal claiming to do just this and this is the first to truly impress!


A++++ Worth every penny of the $344.00 I spent on it!


I have a BOSS OD1 Analogman 3403 chip mod and a TS9 808 mod by the same Analogman. All three pedals are desirable to me. BUt the KLON stands out in its own Arena!


If you have been thinking of getting the KLON but dont want to spend the money our are unsure about something. Let this help your decision and push you to do so. Of course you must own a good valve amp/ guitar set up to begin .

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Originally posted by Mickaroony

Yeah they should have given you that pedal for free.

Glad to hear your digging it. I wish I could afford one


Well, If you can not afford the KLON, another pedal that I believe to be in the same category would be the FULLTONE Fulldrive 2.


I have this one as well and it would set you back a lot less in used condition. The H.C. classifieds may yield a few gems for you to inquire about. Didnt know if you were even looking.

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Great that you`re happy with the Klon, Daneswede1.


We talked about this yesterday when I wrote;


"I have a Klon and so far it`s doing its business better than any other of my pedals. I use it with Gain at zero, Level a little above unity gain and Tone to add a little shimmer.

In this way the Klon adds beef to the rig, adding some meat/tightening up the sound (especially the bass), giving an allround better definition. The Klon has a great buffer that really helps when running many pedals.

I have some other boosters like the McBoost, RX Overdriver, Timmy etc. They are all great pedals but the Klon is the one that adds that certain solidness to my rig.

I don`t use the Drive as it sounds to mid honky with most of my amps, though into a less middy Blackface type amp it sounds good to great."


Some people claim that the Rocktron Austin Gold ($69.95) is "the poor mans Klon".


HC reviews at




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Use the clean boost to boost a JC120.  Pretty cool.   Another pedal it works for is the TC Electronic BLD but those are pretty hard to find now.   I also like using a Klon to boost the front end of a modeler to give it a more tube like sound.   It really worked which surprised me.   But probably best goosing the front end of a tube amp or preamp.

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