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Real-time visual effects box?


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Hey guys, this isn't necessarily limited to guitar but music in general. We're tossing around ideas for a project, and one thing that sprung to mind was a visualizer type effect..


Basically you'd have a box where you'd plug audio in, and it would have a video output that you could hook to a projector and shoot out all sorts of cool visuals (think something like winamp visualizers..) triggered by your playing. There'd be a display and a few controllable parameters, and you'd possibly be able to upload new programs/algorithms from a PC for use later. I envision it wouldn't be much bigger than a largish stomp-box, and would come in a rugged case.


I'm trying to guage if there's any other interest in something like this, apart from my own... would anyone actually hav a use for a box like this while playing shows? How much $ would it be worth to you?


If anyone has any further suggestions or ideas related to this, or possibly any other project ideas to throw at me (anything mixing analog and DSP processing..) I'd be very happy to hear them.

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