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Malcolm and Roland


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"What have the Rolands ever done for us" Malcolm asks without hesitation

Mr. Kakehashi : "The Jupiter 8?"

Malcolm: "What?"

Mr. Miki: "The Jupiter 8."

Malcolm: "Oh yeah, yeah... they did give us that, that's true."

Mr. Kakehashi: "And the Space Echo."

Mr. Miki : "Oh yeah, the Space Echo... remember what echo units used to be like?"

Malcolm: "Yeah, all right, I'll grant you that the Jupiter 8 and the Space Echo are two things the Rolands have done."

Mr. Kakehashi: "And programmable rhythm units."

Malcolm: "Well, yeah. Obviously programmable rhythm units, programmable rhythm units go without saying, don't they... But apart from the Jupiter 8, the Space Echo, and programmable rhythm units?"

Mr. Miki: "Boss effects units?"

Mr. Kakehashi: "Guitar synthesis?"

Mr. Miki : "Playable electronic drum kits?"

Malcolm: "Yeah, yeah, alright... fair enough."

Mr. Kakhashi : "... and sample-based synthesis."

Mr. Miki : "Yeah, yeah, that's something that we would really miss if the Rolands left."

Mr. Kakehashi : "Jazz Chorus amplifiers..."

Mr. Miki : "And they made analogue synthesizers that were reliable!"

Mr. Kakehashi: "Yeah, they certainly know how to keep things working. Let's face it, they were the only ones who could in the 1970s..."

Malcolm : "All right, but apart from the Jupiter 8, guitar synthesis, sample-based synthesizers, playable electronic drum kits, Boss effects units, programmable rhythm units, reliable analogue synthesizers, the Space Echoes and Jazz Chorus amplifiers, what have the Rolands ever done for us?"

Dr. Kondo: "...MIDI?"

Malcolm: "Oh, shut up!!!":
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