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My pedalboard evolution (haha!)


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Just for kicks:


Rack, All-in-one, multi-level. This was supposed to be the bomb. Rack mount Alesis compressor, rack mount shure radio unit, Digitech RP7, Boss LS2, etc. I couldn't get to the effects easy enough so I retired this.



Ultimate Direct Board. Unfortunately, I dissassembled this board and canablized the pedals for another creation. However, this was the ultimate 'go direct' gig board. I should have saved it forever. However, just after building this board I discovered the meaning of true bypass and monster cables. This buffer laiden signal chain would no longer cut it. Plus, it's very cold out there without a tube amp on stage!



Marshall loop. This was my first attempt at an efficient board that had inline and effect loop effects. I was getting into amp distortion here. This was a pretty good setup except that it centered around my Marshall TSL which I grew to hate. Turns out I was a Fender guy so so scaped this. I was also venturing into boutique stuff - notice the Analogman chorus. It was too weak for me so I sold it on Harmony Central in like 5 minutes. Nice pedal though! I'd probably really appreciate it today.



Early do everything board. This was a pretty good concept in my early days but everything from the RP to the power was just a bad approach. There were a lot better ways to go about this as I eventually learned.



Minimalist 'go direct' board. After a faulty jack in the Ultimate 'go direct' board drove me crazy at 2 gigs, I built this bare bones 'go direct' board to piss off my other board. I missed the DD3's too bad and started with a 3 year venture that eventually lead to my current rig shown after this Tubeman special



Current rig - well, this is a gigging man's dream. Tone out the ying yang and solid as a tank. Because my Boss phaser died do to a screw up of mine, I recently added the MXR Phase 90. I should have done that years ago because the Boss PH3 phaser is terrible. So, I've had the same amp and effects for 3 years. With the newly made loop/switcher things, gigging is a dream. My distortion is purely from my amp, everything true bypassable is true bypassed, and my GAS is dead for now.


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Originally posted by fractal


Very nice looking ending! How are you bypassing the boss pedals? Did you make the looper-thing yourself?

I'm using those little red boxes. They are true bypass boxes and have 1/4" jacks that allow you to plug in a Marshall style footswitch to active the bypass relays. www.nobels.com Loop Masters

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Originally posted by Chriss

What amp is that?

Didn't you used to go through an amp-less setup for a while?



That amp is a Marshall TSL 122. Basically, it's the 100 watt TSL in a 2x12 combo.


Yeah, for a while I was gigging by going direct to the board and monitors. It worked and I think the audience liked it but I grew to miss the touch/feel/sound of a real amp.

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