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Speaking of puppies, you know who sucks? Clifford the Big Red Dog. I didn't know much about him until someone gave my 17-month-old a cloth Clifford book. Now I hate him. The text in this thing, spoken by some little girl, is insipid:


"Springtime is fun with Clifford."

"Summer is so much fun with Clifford!"

"Winter is fun with Clifford!"


What the hell? It's one big let's-promote-Clifford's-glory gloryhole job. Totally pointless, and no fun at all to read to a kid. Damn.



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***** FREE WOODEN PUPPET ********

Reply to: see below

Date: Sun Aug 07 16:48:46 2005



I really need to get rid of this god damn stupid wooden puppet! He just hangs in my closet and stares at me like a jackal stares at a rabbit. A few times, I woke up and the stupid puppet was in bed with me laying on my pillow, looking at me. This puppet has flat puppety hands and creeply glossy eyes. I swear he's gonna kill somebody. I think he killed my cat.. I'm serious. Just get this god damn puppet away from me!

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