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Another new song

Mr. Twang

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I'm typing as I listen. The first thing that comes to mind is that the mix is horrible. The vocals might as well not be there. The lead doesn't cut enough, which may be an issue with the EQ settings more than anything else. The pick scrape is wicked. Nobody does those anymore.

Okay, the song is over. I find the song very catchy, and overall I like it a lot. I'm not totally keen on the drumming, especially in the last measure coming out of each chorus. He kind of drops the intensity too much with that last cymbal change there. The ending was too abrupt. Stretch it somehow. You don't necessarily need to repeat the chorus or anything, but tag it a bit longer. I'm not thrilled with the lead playing here. The first short break sounds dull and unpolished. The second break is adequate, but such a good song needs a smarter solo to kick it up a notch.

Overall I think you're headed in a good direction. Good work!

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