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A few questions, then SPAM for tubes, speakers, and a Cab


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I am looking to trade for a cabinet. Looking for either a 2x12 or a 4x12 cab.


I am also looking for a nice 8 ohm 12 inch replacement speaker.


AND, if anyone knows what kind of tubes a vintage 65 Ampeg Rocket 2 112 has, I would really appreciate the info. I am looking for replacement tubes because the amp is on the way, but there are no tubes in it. Also I need 2 handles and 3 knobs for it. Maybe it's a longshot, but thought I would throw it out there.


Thanks, and please e-mail me at chaddumas@hotmail.com


I Have:


Jackson Ps4 Performer guitar


Fender MIM Strat


VOX CoolTron Brit Boost--NEW


Boss PS-5 in MINT condition


Maxon 808 pedal


modded TS9


e-mail me at chaddumas@hotmail.com if you have something!

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