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i need some opinions

protoge x

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ok i've been trying to construct what i think would be the perfect rig for me and i think i finally have something that i would get a lot of use out of. i've been thinking about using a tb looper for my pedals to enhance my tone and to cut down on tap dancing during shows. here's how my rig will look.



Schecter C1 elite or Ibanez RGT42



loop 1 - some type of wah not exactly sure what yet (feel free to give suggestions) -> keeley TS9


loop 2 - EH flanger hoax -> Line 6 Rotomachine -> Red witch pentavocal trem


loop 3 - boss PS5 -> Boss DD20


(possible) loop 4 - Moog Ring Mod


tuner out - korg tuner



Mesa single rect w/ marshall 4x12



does anyone think this will not work out the way i want it to? i just want to see if anyone wants to put there 2 cents in. oh just to let you know i'm playing in like a prog metal type band.

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