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Ibanez Tube King - Which Tube Should I Use


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To change the gain or just looking for a quality 12AX7?



a 12AX7 has 100% gain so all you can do from that point is lower your gain :D


12AX7 100% Gain

5751 70% Gain

12AT7 60% Gain

12AY7 45% Gain

12AV7 41% Gain

12AU7 19% Gain



For a quality tube the current Electro Harmonix are a good choice

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Originally posted by guitarman1956

I'm wondering which brand of tube works well in this pedal.

The Tube King rates up there with some of the best tube pedals out there but don't kid yourself....all tube pedals are just pre amps if you get my drift? So there is no one magical tube that works well in that pedal or any other pedal or any pre amp for that matter. A quality tube is a quality tube and its really hit and miss with tubes, especially the current ones because the build quality is all over the place :(

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