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WOT: lost in translation, a funny story from everyday life (good morning :)


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Well, to start things off, I wanted to ask.. you guys probably happen to come across a book, or a movie from time to time that's been translated into your language and thus having a title, that differs from original one.




here's this organization, a small city organisation that is supposed to host a party for an international (americans / british / french students) youth camp. Being absolutely uneducated as to foreign languages, they seek desperately a name for the party. They come acroos a brilliant idea - to think up a bunch of well-known English movie / etc. titles and use it.


So. There's a TV series that runs on one of the channels here, and in Russian it's being marketed under a CLOSE FRIENDS title. Again, in Russian. Oh well, they write down the title in English, the one that pops up on the screen in the beginning, and make flyers.


They give them out next day.


There's quite a bit of shock in the camp. It's written proudly on each and every flyer, a cool black flyer and huge red and yellow letters:






























i dunno, i laughed.



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