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a nice multieffect kit for a college use (bedroom)..vamp 2??


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I've never been much into these units but this is gonna be my first year in college and I need something small and good sounding (AND cheap ;) to practise with..I guess I'll mainly be using headphones with it..

something that has a nice clean and overdriven sounds..think 60's rock and blues...don't care for heavy metal at all..

I was thinking the behringer vamp2 might be a good value..years ago I had behringer vamp(the first "edition") and I believe I kinda liked it back then but I sold it 'cause I never needed it ..I just cranked my amp when practising for better tone...but that's not viable in college,though...

anything I should look at?

price range 100-200 bucks..



will be playing les paul, strat and a nice old single coil hollow body..if it matters anyhow :cool:

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