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My first rig pix! Thanks innobidova!


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The neck pickup is a Fender 57/62 single coil, the middle is a twin blade humbucker made by DiMarzio that fits in a single coil slot, and the bridge is a Gibson 500T humbucker wired to a 3 way mini toggle switch (you can see it between the tone knobs, it is silver) that switches the humbucker between regular humbucker, coil split, and out of phase humbucker.
The first tone knob now controls both the neck & middle pickups, and the second tone knob controls the bridge humbucker.
The guitar finish just didn't hold up (it was black originally), and has peeled off over the years. All I did was add a coat of Minwax Natural Stain to it, then added the tortoiseshell Fender LoneStar pickguard and blackout kit (black knobs, pickup covers, etc.).
I also installed straplocks and a very short tremolo arm from a no name chinese guitar I found in a pawnshop. I bought the arm for $2, and he replaced it from a box of extra's he had in the back.
I stole the idea of a shortened arm from Gilmour, it lets me keep it comfortably in my picking hand on songs where I need vibrato during the rythm parts. It was my main guitar for 8 years, and had a rough life, lol. It is retired now that I got a second SG, they are my stage guitars. I still use the Strat for recording though.....
Even though it's a MIM guitar, I'd put it up against any other Stratocaster made, with the mods, it kicks serious ass.

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