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OT: If You Live in London Please Go to this Dirty Three Show for Me.


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For all you Londoners;


The Dirty Three is playing their album "Ocean Songs" in the entirety at the Barbican (which is one of my favorite places in London anyway) on Oct. 5.


Now since this is one of my favorite albums ever I was seriously planning on buying a ticket to London for a quick little 4 day concert "road trip." However, this depended on the appearance of the $250 round trip BA tickets from Denver that pop up around Oct/Nov.


But, no go.


So you should go. The Dirty Three is an instrumental trio of Violin, Drums and Guitar that make transcendentally beautiful music. If you are a fan of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think, Tortoise, June of 44 or any other similar bands you will LOVE this show.


Someone should go and report back to me.

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