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New Pedal Board. ngm case. Pics!


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so, i've been meaning to tone down on the amount of pedals i use live. i didn't use everything often enough. not worth lugging around 2 boards...


i found this used NGM case, $150 locally. i had 3 shelves of different sizes made, so i can always just throw something new in there.

Plus, as HC causes me to buy more expensive pedals, i wanted a case to protect the investments....im sick of just throwin then in the van or trailer.



my old gig board.....home made.....





inside.....2 surge protectors hardwired to a recessed male plug.....handy. both boards had that.



new board

chain: od808, Fd2, loooper, crybaby 535, whammy2, mooger phase (w/expression), mooger murf, deja vibe, keeley tr2, ps3, dd3, dl4 (delays), dl4 (loops), rc20 (samples), Rv3. back to loooper....out to loooper aby.




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I bought an NGM case about 6 years ago when I was gigging a lot more than I am now. I love the flexibility, but hate the weight! I have a baby pedaltrain board now for jams and rehearsals. I can sling it over my shoulder, leaving a hand free to carry my amp. Car to stage in one trip, babeeeee.

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