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godamned guitar center. pedal power 2 related.


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so i was dead set on getting a pp2 today.


i called 1 guitar center.

GC: 'yea we got it'

ME: do you have extra cables? i need an extra Line 6 jumper.

GC: let me call you back, ill look around'


i call another guitar center.

GC: yea, got one right here in front of me.

me: do you have extra cables? i need an extra Line 6 jumper.

GC: i dont follow

me: they can power l6. i need an extra adapter

GC: we have l6 adapters....

me: no. the power jumper. its in the box. red tip. i need another.

GC: i need to talk to the elc repair guy before i can find out.

....thanks anyways...


i get a voice mail.

its gc-- ull be happy to know that the pp2 comes with a l6 jumper. ill have it here for you.



i call back.

me: i need 2. not 1.

GC: o. yea, i got one.


i go in.

you need the extra tonecore cable, right?

no. dl4.

let me test it out.

{dood grabs a reg adapter},


i tried explaining it wouldn't work. he tries. it didnt work. i explained the color coding.

he eventually got it right.....


after all that....

the PP2+ now comes with 2 L6 adapters....


upon trying to power a mooger phase.....

it turns out its a neg tip too, and needs the same cable as the L6.....


so i needed 3 anyways....


weird fate {censored} there.....

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[RANT]First a pet peeve: There is no such thing as a "negative tip" barrel plug. Those plugs don't have tips - they are either center negative (standard) or center positive (reverse). [/RANT]

Anyway :), the red Line 6 adapter/cable is center positive, with a 2.5mm plug (the center pin is slightly larger than normal). A regular Boss standard plug is center negative with a 2.1mm plug, while the Moogerfoogers use a center positive 2.1mm plug.

The proper cable to use for Moogerfoogers is one with reverse polarity/standard size plug - the same type you'd use for a Fulltone '69, for instance. The red Line 6 cable will probably work for the Moogerfooger, but might be a little sloppy due to the larger diameter center hole. The other way around (stuffing a 2.1mm plug into a 2.5mm jack) will not work without enough force to do serious damage.


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