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Menatone Top Boost in a Can. Opinions?

Teddy boy

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Hi everybody,


What kind of experiences do you have with the TBIAC? I'm considering getting one and in fact I have one at home at the moment on loan from the local guitar store.


At this moment I'm using a Crowther Hotcake for drive and a Vintage Rat for a solo boost. So I would still have the Hotcake on for normal gain (average indiepop gain, I guess) and the TBIAC would add gain to this when I need it (both on at the same time) and then use the boost on the TBIAC for solos, thus eliminating the need for the Rat.


Is there anything else you think could work better? I'm playing a 15W Monster El Mariachi Class-A amplifier. I'm not really looking for a fuzz but rather a nice midrangey drive.



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