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Pedals that completely lived up to/exceeded the hype?


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We pedalgeeks tend to live partially fueled by hype.


Word-of-mouth fuels our fire. There is always the talked about pedal of the moment. Often, we may order pedals prior to even playing them. (I did this before there was any boutique store in town.) This is particularly true with rare, vintage gear. Or, we may play them in stores and not get the full in-the-basement-with-the-band-and-my-gear experience.


With that in mind, my question is; what pedal has totally lived up to or exceeded the word-of-mouth or the pedal-of-the-moment hype?


My answers:

Roland BeeBaa - Was lucky enough to pick one up a few years ago for half of what they go for now. (Comic Book Guy Voice:) Thickest fuzz ever.


Keeley BD-2 - The hype I heard on this didn't give it the be-all-end-all status that pedals often receive. Supposedly it was a smooth, harmonically rich overdrive with multiple uses. That is exactly what it is.


A/DA Flanger - It is the best flanger ever. (I must admit I haven't played the TZF or the Hoax which seem like they may challenge the previously unchallenged king.)

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For me,


The Klon, Fulltone TTE, and Mr. Teese's Picture Wah.


Of course, these depend on the subjective individual.

Many pedals did not live up to my expectations but are loved by many...For example BJF, Fulltones Dist Pro, and the Banzai are all fine pedals...just didn't work for me.

I haven't tried alot of the newer pedals because I am very happy with my rig and I'm not one to fix something not broken (i.e. get worked up by the hype).



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Zoom PD-01 (but I still sold it, since I had other pedals doing the same job)


MXR Distortion II. Thick, heavy, hairy, RAWK! m/. :cool: .m/


MXR Flanger (THE flanger to which ALL other flangers are measured. Screw the A/DA... Everyone is always saying how they want the 'Classic Jet Flange'... well this pedal DEFINED that sound!


Coloursound wah; FUNKY as a mutha. Makes me wanna walk like a smooth cool-as-{censored} black man with a big ass 'fro, in leather flares, constantly ending talks with "Solid/Word/Damn Straight/Sucka". :cool:


MXR Analog Delay / Boss DM-2 / Ibanez AD9. I'm like {censored}in' Pok

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Pedals that lived up to their hype:


Tonebone Hot British

Keeley TS-9

Arion Chorus

MXR Script Logo Phaser

MXR EVH Phaser

MXR Flanger


Pedals that have exceeded their hype:

Ibanez Weeping Demon

Ibanez PM-7 - extremely versatile and great sounding phaser.

Korg SDD-3300(hangs with the 3000, at a much lower price - ok, so its not a pedal)

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big cheese lived up to the hype, though I didn't think it quite lived up to its price tag. Best fuzz I've owned.


MJM Foxey Fuzz--it's the pedal that replaced the Cheese. Very nice.


MF-102 ring mod, I've had two/sold two and at some point I will buy a third.


Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe, best chorus I've heard w/ kick ass trem, vibrato and buffer to die for.


Prophecysound Infinitphase...nothing I've tried comes close (including the moog)


A/DA flanger--sounds better than the TZF clean (imho), and has a million tricks. I should say that the TZF is by far the best STEREO effect I've ever owned


4ms Noiseswash--from standard ripping distortion to {censored}ed up pseudo-trem/filter/bleeping/octave/sputter fuzz...it kicks ass


Only had it for a bit, but I really liked Nic's SCP boost. Very Sparkly.


Boss ce-1---man, I miss that vibrato. It haunts me to this day.


Dl-4--I think it's the pedal I've had the longest. Excellent workhorse.


Boss Dm-2...prettiest, no frills analog delay I've owned.

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