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I think I am going to use my backup pedals [pds20/20, small stone] on synth= issues?


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I have a yamaha sk20 [or 30?] organ and poly synth and I am thinking of adding my backup pedals to the signal comming from that unit into teh keyboard amp.


My backups are:

EH green big muff

EH green small stone

DOD fx9 analog delay

Digitech PDS 20/20 multiplay


I already have an alesis ineko which sits on top of the synth... I think I coudl make room for at least the pds 20/20 on there too... just seems like a shame to have the pedals sitting in a drawer...



... but are there any issues that I should be aware of? recommended running of the alesis with a trim control 1st? level signal imeedance things?

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Originally posted by tim gueguen

You probably want to watch the level going into the 20/20. Mine seems to distort a bit if I run my Casio SK1/Realistic

Concertmate 500 into it too hot.

so regardless I probably should put the Alesis 1st befroe any other effects because it has that trim control...?

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