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Just picked up a PODxt(clip)


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I gave in and bought a PODxt from guitar center on saturday. After having some initial difficulty getting good settings after about an hour of screwing around, I gave up for the night. It doesn't quite feel right on the low gain models, and it took me a bit to realize that you needa careful balance of amp model gain and effect mdoel gain to get a good tone. I did some recording today, though, and I'm really happy with how the tone came out.

PODxt Metal Clip


The lead is done with the SLO model, RAT, and muti-head echo, the riff is triple tracked with the "Broken" setting I found online in various post-EQs, and the bass is direct with a GarageBand model. The guitar is a Schecter C-1 with a JB(bridge) used on all guitar parts, the bass is a Fender jazz with EMGs.

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