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WOT: Cingular owes me a new cell phone...for free


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I've had my cell phone for quite some time and now Cingular owes me a free new one of my choice because i renewed my contract. right now i have a samsung E317 which i actually bought off ebay a few months ago. it works perfectly fine, but there are just some things that i dont like about it. The only thing that cingular has right now that caught my interest is the Motorola Razr. I've heard different things about this phone. some say its great, some say it sucks. so, anyone have any suggestions? here are my other options: (type in '60091' for zip code)






Mind you, i can get just about everything on that list for free, i think the blackberry is the exception. so, should i bite the bullet and get the razr, or should i stick with the phone i have now and wait for something better, and then do the exchange?

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