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It's decided - I'm getting a Fulldrive 2!


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My local gear store is having its annual blowout sale, so I should be able to grab it for about 50% off... brand spankin' new!



Needless to say, I'm pretty damn stoked. Just gotta replace my Keeley RAT II with Brian's new Blackstar, get some good chorus and finish re-housing my PB&J and the rig shall be complete.... for now.



It will soon be:


Warmoth strat (alder body - SD JB bridge, '59 neck) -->


Vox wah (TB'd) -->

Subdecay Blackstar -->

Fulltone Fulldrive 2 -->

Loooper (Digitech Bad Monkey, some reverb pedal, Dano EQ - used as a solo boost) -->

Dano EQ -->

DOD FX60 or 460 Chorus -->

Dano Flanger (soon to be old MXR Flanger, hopefully) -->

re-housed Dano PB&J -->


Fender Blues Deluxe (Dano EQ in FX loop)


(still not 100% sure of pedal order)




Shouldn't be too bad, of course most will end up getting replaced sooner or later :D .


Whaddya think?

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