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So is a Jamman / Loop Station kinda like an 8 track?


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I mean. If I wanted to just recored a song. One or two tracks, no loops, can these machines do it? Or do they only do loops that can be played back for 26 minutes ( or whatever they quote )


I guess I am interested in looping, but I also want a basic 4 track or 8 track recorder too. Are either of these machines going to be suitable for such a task?





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Thanks guys, where can I find out about the Electronix Repeater? Cant seem to find a website for it.

The digitech looks like way to much of a machine for what I need.

I just want high quality loops (without being restricted to 20 second or something) and the ability to multitrack.

So is the problem that with the Jamman and Loop station, you're just going over and over, like layers, on the same track, and that will eventually sound crap?

An example of something I'd like to do is:

1. Record a basic riff that is repeated over and over.

2. Then on top of that (or along side it) record a whole track.

3. Then on that add some ebow or other nutty effects to parts of the song.

I hope I'm making sense.

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