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Pre-eBay SPAM (Alesis, MXR, Line 6, Ibanez, etc.)

The Tortoise

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Hey guys, I have some pedals that are going up on eBay later this evening, but I thought I'd give it a crack here first. Here are the items and negotiable prices. I accept Paypal. All prices include shipping.


- Line 6 POD XT w/ adapter, manuals, cd- $220

- Vintage Grey MXR Flanger w/ original box: $200

- Alesis SR-16 drum machine w/ adapter (speed this one up for grindcore madness!) - $80

- Modded Ibanez Tube King pedal (more gain, output volume, modder unknown) - $80

- ART FX-1 studio FX Processor w/ box and adapter - $60

- Vintage RAT reissue - $65


and I'm thinking of maybe selling my 2nd Line 6 DL-4... make me an offer I can't refuse though. Please don't PM, but send email to aznanarchy@hotmail.com. I can email pictures on request.



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