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Look @ What We Got For 120$!!!!


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heres the info i got:


The Fender Rhodes product line evolved quickly as the 1970's began. The 73-key Electric Piano was renamed the Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano in 1969, featuring a black harp cover and a stereo 80W amp, and by 1970 the Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano was available. The Stage Piano was the piano top from the Suitcase model, modified for use with an external guitar or bass amplifier. The Stage model featured detachable legs (parts from a Fender pedal steel guitar), a sustain pedal and pushrod (part of a Rogers hi-hat stand), and a simplified front panel with only volume and bass EQ controls. Internally, the Stage Piano was nearly identical to the Suitcase model.






what do you think??

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Originally posted by Echotraveler

Any small reviews on the contraption?? it has an amp???? can i plug cabs...or amp (jc120)

how does it sound>?



were can i get a footswitch???




are you serious?


that's a friggin FENDER RHODES!

it needs no reviews!


sounds best plugged into fender amps with a bit of dirt, imo.


footswitch? ebay.


tubes? has none. it's a cross between an e-guitar and a vibraphone...or something. you may need to pads or a tuning.


effects? play through a leslie or simulator. niceness!







$120? dear lord....

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Originally posted by Shblay

how did you get it for $120? i thought these things went for way more. at least the ones I've seen. What condition is it in?



usually at least $700.


a friend got one recently @ $400 and i thought that was the deal of the century!

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we practiced on saturday! and hauled the mach 1 to practice!

the piano is super cool looking, and sounds super vintage, sort of what every reggae key player would love for some roots nati reggae.....

it has slight rust on the outer metal parts and legs, it needs a footpedal and 1 of the keys doesnt pop up when stroken..but works perfectly no matter.......

its a portable organ (not sure thats how you say it in english) ...

we hooked up some pedals to it and we got some nice ass sounds....

my friendo opened it up and showed me the insides ...~!!:eek: my god what a strange ass thing......its a mix between a piano, a sylophone, and a guitar...it has no power, it has many pikcups inside ....i think we are lucky ...the thing sounds great

we have decided its not coming to practice unless very needed...cause that thing is just too too too TOO TOO TOO HEAVY!!! IM NOT SURE BUT I COULD SAY ITS MORE THAN 100 POUNDS EASY.....

ANYWAYS we are very very happy to find such nice vintage gear .......... tone czars

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