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phaser choice help and more...


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so, we're talking about cheap phasers...


I'm basically a rookie and my current pedals are:

Boss Tu-2,CS-3,DD-3,Crybaby Classic,Visual Sound J&H,Bad Monkey and Morley 1973 power wah.


Where I live I can only choose beetween MXR Phase 90 reissue


and Digitech X-Series Hyper Phase.



I have only tried the MXR so far and I like the way it sounds(I heard about the famous r28 mod too) but I'm a bit worried about how it would work with some pedals I'll buy in the future.Especially fuzzes.


quote from HC review:

"One thing you have to be aware of If you are considering buying this pedal is it is not true bypass so If you are using with certain pedals (mostley fuzz boxes) then you will have to have it true bypassed(I plan on having mine true bypassed soon, so I can use it with my fulltone soulbender) because it will make your fuzz sound horrible."



I guess that Phase 90 tonesuck wouldn't be a problem since all my pedals (except Morley maybe, Crybaby has "hardwire" bypass) are buffered.

I read that putting it after a buffer solves the problem.


And what's the deal with fuzzes and buffered pedals anyway?


(I'm thinking of purchasing a Fuzz Factory or a Big Muff)


I'm not able to try any stuff other than Boss,MXR or Digitech here(Serbia).

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