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Bassists: good deal on bass preamp/direct/overdrive pedal


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Originally posted by delorean

i've sworn off all things Hartke since the great Hartke 7000 Tour Disaster of 1993.

why should i go back now? convince me.

Convince me too.

I may need one. Right now I'm running the bass into a proco direct box straight into my mixing board.

What advantages does this piece have.

Not that I can't use google or anything...I just thought you may have some insight. :D

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I've never liked Hartke amps. That said:

Love the Hughes and Kettner Tubeman and Tube Factor. Hate every H&K amp I have tried.

Love the Zoom analog series pedal; never liked anything else by them.

Such is just insight into why I decided to give this fella a shot. It could totally blow; it just showed up today and I have not tried it yet. It will not get a real workout until band practice on Tuesday. For $45/shipped, however, it's a low-risk buy.

Anyone try the Gallien-Krueger Diesel Dawg (who names these {censored}ers? :confused:)?

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