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Post Your Latest eBay Acquisitions


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Ok, it's that time again for the latest edition of "Post Your Latest eBay Acquisition". Let's see what y'all have been buying.


Just picked this up this morning. I've been looking for a power amp for my Yamaha NS-10's for quite awhlie now and it came down to two models that were recommended, the Bryston 3B and the Crown DC-300. Also originally on the list was the Hafler P3000 but after talking to some producer friends and big studio owners, they unanimously had bad experiences with that amp and ended up getting a Bryston or Crown for their NS-10's.


This one is the very very first edition, really surprised to see a Buy It Now of this low as the last one on eBay went for over $600 USD :eek: I see the person put it up pretty late last night so I guess people missed it.





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