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amp signal question - sending a "booster out" into a keyboard/mixer amp???


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Ok, I have an old Acoustic 137 combo that has 3 outputs on the back: speaker 1, speaker 2, booster out


I also have a Roland KC100[?] keyboard/mixer amp that accepts 4 inputs and has a line out.


I used to run the booster out to my mixer to computer soundcard todo some bare bone/cratch pad recording onto my computer that way... my mixer is gone.


would it be reasonable to hook up this booster out to one of those channels [i think channel 4 is also labled as a "monitor in" and seems louder than the other 3] and then run the signal from the line out of the keyboard amp into my recording device? My hesitance is not wanting to blow/damage the keyboard amp/guitar amp/speaker with impedance matching and signal load... [also, in the 4 track manual I recently got there is a whole page on saying how attaching amps/speakers to the 4 track "will almost certainly damage the unit and the amp" mentioned multiple times]


as a backup question... on a solid state amp with no pre/post amp conytrols for drive [just a single volume] there are no preamp outs/ins... it would only be a line out, correct?

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