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robotalk trimmer pots...anyone know what they do?


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i love the pedal but its a little hard to dial in the volume with my rig (solo acoustic rig)


acoustic - ross compressor-robotalk-ernie ball vol ped -fishman plat eq -analogman bi-chorus- dd20- to a mackie 1202 vlz- aux send out to my boomerang and electrix filter factory and then back into another channel on the mackie


either the robotalks volume gets outa hand or the input volume is too low and it yeilds less responce


i was hoping that i could tailor this in by the factory trimmers #1 and #2, but the manual sais "never ever mess with these special factory set trimmers that we give you acess to on the face of the pedal via a jewelers scredriver"


so before i break the rule and risk it...


does anyone know what these trimmers do exactly?????????

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I sent Prosounds an e-mail from their website and received a reply from the designer. He explained what each trimmer did and how to adjust for different effects. Unfortunately this was early 2004 and have cleaned out my mail box since then :(


I had my Robotalk replaced under warrenty after it started ticking. The replacement had a much stronger sound and the Random S+H filter was massively improved, it sounded like the videos. So, I would summise that they vary in quality.


I would go to the Robotalk website and e-mail them. I had a reply within 12 hours.

Good Luck.

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ok, good idea, i'll mail them within the next couple of days


i'll post any results here ...for the next guy who would like to know


oh and actually they upgraded the robotalk


better jacks, a function light, and better internal inprovements as well


so that would probably explain your your experience with the pedal

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i have recieved a very prompt responce, so here it is:




As far as the trimmer adjustment for Robotalk is concerned, please try the following instruction.


The 2 trimmers do basic setup for Random Arppegiator. They were already set up at the factory and we usually do not recommend users to change them. If you want to change the set up, you can adjust them as follows.


First, please make sure "FREQ" knob does not full up or full down.

Please see the enclosed PDF file (instruction manual for Robotalk) and note the location of Trimmer #1 and Trimmer #2.

Before adjusting these Trimmers, please make sure your volume of the amp is low. The too strong bass sound may damage speakers.

Use small philips or slotted screw drivers. Although the screws are philips head, you can use both small screw drivers.


*Trimmer#2 (bottom): Turn all the way to Clockwise. Then, turn the screw to counter-clockwise gradually to get your favorite spot. If you turn this screw to clockwise, the Bass is emphasized. If you turn this screw to counter-clockwise, you will find percussive synthesizer type sound at a certain point.


*Trimmer #1 (top): Turn all the way to counter-clockwise. Then, Arppegiator completely stops. Turn the screw to clockwise gradually to get favorite arppegiator spot. I think you will find good spot after turing a little to clockwise.


Let me know if it works.

Thank you.


i am impressed with the customer service here and the advice is certainly helpful to dialing in the pedal as a whole

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