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need your help!! SELMER or ENGL....


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actually i play guitar (wow!) through my wonderful engl soveraign 100 vintage combo.. (2nd wow!)... :)


but here is my problem.. i love great vintage guitar sounds.. and there is a rare selmer to buy for me... but i would have to sell the engl for it.


so let's compare:


wonderful clean. crunch is also nice. lead 1 and 2 are okay with additional noise gate.. 4channels via footswitch selectable...


just one wonderful vintage clean sound...


seriously what would you do?? i play through a lot effects (filters, wah, dist, fuzz, phaser, flanger, delay,..), have a humbucker and a single coil guitar. and i'm playing something like mogwai, explosions in the sky,.. but i dig syd barretts piper at the gates of dawn, too..



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i have really enough distortion pedals to replace the channels ;) but so it makes the decision more difficult. i really like my engl clean. very satisfied by it.
the selmer is a head with additional big old 15" speaker cabinet from schellenberg (supposed to be a bass box).

here is the link:

do you think it's worth??

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