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Odd pedal/bypass box need question


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I don't know if there'd be a problem with noise or not, but is it possible to build a footswitchable kill switch, with LED indicating when the signal is being passed-used, and of course not lit when no signal is being sent? I know I actually need a 4 in, 4 out box, with 4 switches each of which reflect that circuit.


Here's my need... I'm running a dual stereo setup... Early in my chain I split off into two signal paths -- one rack based, the other pedal based -- each of which results in it's own stereo image (the rack signal is very very etheral non-guitary).


So that's 4 distinct signals and I run two inputs to each amp:

LEFT - Pro Reverb

1) Rack into normal channel

2) Pedals into vibrato channel,

RIGHT - Silverface Princeton

3) Pedals into Input 1

4) Rack into Input 2


What I'd really like to be able to do is turn each signal on or off independently.. that way if I want I can dedicate one amp to the rack gear, the other amp to the pedals.... or have the rack gear coming out of both amps, but the pedals only coming from one, etc etc.


Ideally I'd like to add a pair of toggle switches so that if need be I can combine the rack and pedals on either side of the stereo image, for the eventually possiblility that I won't have an amp that supports 2 inputs (on one or both sides).

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