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I was using my Ibanez RG550 with the bridge humbucker split to single coil mode, a DOD Mini Chorus (basically a Small Clone), DigiDelay, detune on the Whammy 4, and a DOD classic fuzz for the 'solo'. It does need to be worked up, I just kind of got ripped and...well, let 'er rip :). Something like 'A Mind, Shattered' was just that moment - aside from limited mixing/mastering later (basically running my four track into Cool Edit Pro while {censored}ing with the levels and panning) is just a moment in time captured - I just went with the first guitar track, programmed some beats on my Alesis HR16 and ran that through my Small Stone, another track of guitar, and then the vocals. I was stoned, it was fun, and I couldn't recreate it to save my life. I'd like to just put that on at an acid party some day, personally :).

I listened to your songs, they're really cool. Great sample on 'Americana 84', too. I need to get ahold of a good drummer and get some stuff worked out and really get it to where it's not just my guitar riffs and a minimal arrangement. I need a human drummer though - I can't program drums to go under my stuff to save my life, though the opposite is easy. Nice band name, too 'kinesis' meets 'gnosis', correct?

Cool stuff. Thanks for checking my stuff out, and best of luck to you and your band.

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