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Pod XT Live recording (soundclip- think Pink Floyd)


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I have uploaded a track I created with Garage Band using a PodXt Live. I used the Laundry Solo Patch from the Club Library at Line6.com , I did not tweak it at all- I think the tone is quie close to Gilmours Another Brick in Wall solo.

I am still getting to grips with Apple's Garageband so you will have to fast forward to end of track to hear the solo. I used a Standard Squire Stratocaster into Pod XT live out to my ibook via USB to record this. It's a bit rough I did one take but i think the tone is very nice for an effects processor. Let me know your thoughts.

here is the link to mp3 , please fast forward to end of song for solo. I need to go back and work on whole song. This is a tip of the hat to Dave Gilmour but I am not trying to emulate him, no one can!


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