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I am ordering new parts for my new guitar tomorrow.

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I bought a used Epiphone Limited Edition Dot Deluxe (ES-335) last week.

It is the same as the usual Dot Deluxes, but it does not have a pickguard (and never did), it has a limited edition logo, and it is finished in transparent blue. Tomorrow I am ordering these parts............


Gibson/Grover Deluxe bean tuners

Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge & tailpiece.

Gibson 490R & 498T Covered Humbuckers.

Gibson Black Tophat Knobs

Gibson 500K Pots

Gibson/S 3 way toggle switch

All in chrome (it looks much better than the gold), plus I am having a bone nut made for it.


I really wanted a Gibson ES-137 in transparent blueburst until I actually played one. It was nice, but I just didn't feel it was worth $1,500..........

Now I will have a killer transparent blue ES-335, at half of the cost.


Guitar: $380

Parts: $375


Total = $755 vs. $1,500


I will do all my own work (except the nut, I suck at those), so my labor cost is practically nil. :D

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I would not bother with the Gibson pots, they tend to run $5-10 each, because they say Gibson. Buy some Alpha pots for $2.50 or less either from Guitarfetish.com or from a shop sold as the Dirt Cheap brand. I would think twice about the replacing the knobs, chalk that up into the why bother catagory. IF you do replace the knobs, look around for non-Gibson labeled ones, the G-word will add cost for the same knobs.

I will also recomend a little pickup research. Seems that lots of people pull those same pickups out of their Gibsons, and go with something else. See if you can find out why. And if you dig the 490/498 combo, check for some used ones.

Last peice of advice, check out the Tone Pros bridge, and see how the price compares to Gibson. The locking system really made a diffrence on the Michael Kelly I had that come with the Tone pros bridge. If it's just a little more, I woudl say go for that. Again with the Gibson, you end up paying for the G word.

It is a groovy idea, I love modding me some guitars, I just figure if you're gonna do it, look into what parts other people swap off their Gibsons and why, and see if you can save a little dough, or take things a step higher.

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i have the same guitar but in vintage burst flametop....the pots are fine...ditch the stock switch...keep the neck pickup( try adjusting the height) and take your time doing it a little at a time and you'll find the neck p.u. is a keeper....replace the bridge with a used burstbucker or similar.....the bridge is keepable, tighten the tailpiece all the way down and reverse wrap your strings, the tuners are 50/50 i replaced mine, knobs are personal preference and the black would look good, the nut is a good idea but i got lucky and mine is as close to perfect as i've ever seen.......if you do replace the pickups i'll buy em......i get compliments every weekend on my epi...hangs with any gibby....what style do you mostly play?

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I am considering a few other pickup combo's:
Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers
Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB set
Gibson '57 classics
Ibanez Super '58s

I have the Gibson 490r/498t's in my Gibson SG Standard, and I love them.

I will check out the Tonepros bridge.

The tuners have to go, they suck badly, and I hate gold hardware. That is the reason for the knob change, unless the amber knobs look good with the chrome hardware.

I play jazzy blues rock mixed with alt country. Imagine Gov't Mule playing Uncle Tupelo songs. Only not as good. ;)

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So here is the final order, after some good advice from folks around here.........

Grover Deluxe "Butterbean" Tuners
Tonepros locking Tune-o-matic bridge
WRC "Crossroads" humbuckers
S 3 way toggle switch
500K pots

Plus I am having a bone nut made for it.

I have decided to leave the knobs alone (they are vintage amber).

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