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Red Witch Pentavocal has landed


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This is just a preliminary post. I will be on my own this weekend so I expect to rack up some serious playing time with the Penta and a few other wobblies (King Trem, Pulsar, Voodoo Vibe, Adrenalinn, Ampliton, MuRF). so stay tuned.


Usual Red Witch size, shiny, VERY bright green LED that pulses, solid, smooth pot travel, NO popping.


I had to scratch my head a bit with the Penta. Ben thinks different than me. But that was true with the Moon Phaser too.


First - the 5 Voicings - these are not waveform variations, which i somehow expected. They are voicings - EQ settings if you will. Thin to thick. shimmer to throb. pick your adjectives. I am reminded of the ZIM with its Voice knob. I'm sure the 5 settings on the Penta are more complex than high, mid, low cuts, but for the sake of holding onto a simple concept - there you have it.


Speed - good range, not too far into the "make dogs howl" high speeds, plenty useable. Slow is a nice swelling ambient sound.


Depth - a nitpick - on my pedal, at the settings I have tried so far, below noon is off. that means half of the knob travel does nothing.


Volume - a good boost or volume cut. You pick 'em. A valuable and much requested option, implemented well.


Bottom - no {censored}ing idea. It does something, but it's gonna take me awhile to figure it out.


Wave switch - square hard chop or smooth triangle/sine. Another nitpick - you can't tell which one is on until you hear it. It would have been nice to have another LED or some way to tell which waveform is active.


Sounds - very good. but let me play some more. super quiet, no bleed through "ticking."


Just letting you know the Pentavocal is real, looks good, sounds good, has a few new wrinkles to add to the tremolo world.


I'll be back.

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I think the first half of the depth knob might be more useful to someone running a large boost before the trem. Example, if you were running a SHO before this, and had it set fairly high, you'd still want to be able to get to all the down to zero volume at the bottom of the wave. Depth isn't really all that touchy though, it's not like a rate knob that needs a small range to be more accurate in. And a lot of people are using boosts, or putting trem in the effects loop, and need that extra bit of resistance. I wouldn't worry elliott, sounds like a good review.

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