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Ot: Non sequiter thought. My cat scratched me.


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I walked outside and gave my cat a pet (ok I {censored}ed it) (just wanted to get the comments out of the way bastardoes!!!!!)



But I digress.


Im bleeding


Im mad.


He has scratched me many times in the past. Im sure he is just playing but because he and his pals are outdoor cats I can't take those precious, life-maintaining, litttle weapons he has at the end of his paws away from him.


Then I gets this wacky, life-engendering thought. I really believe your immune system needs to be challenged a bit in the course of life so that you build up an immunity to.............well...........life.


You survive.



Then I thought..................(warning, here comes the wacky part)


Cats, for eons, have been the enemy of birds.



With me so far??



I never heard of a cat getting Bird Flu!


They kill them, eat them and ingest their flesh and blood.



The cat's scratching me obviously intermingles "Kitty goo" with my own human arterial system, since it pierced a bunch of capillaries and now his evil cat germs are corsing their way through my body doing whatever evil they see fit, but Im fine.




Maybe, thought I.



Maybe I have been given a resistance to this evil Avian Flu.



Then again, I doubt it. :)


This was just a silly thought to share. I think silly {censored} sometimes.

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